Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Aftermath...

Since the bonfire which i thought went well with all my fellow neighbours apart from my friend hitting on the old bloke from downstairs and his elderly wife attacking her with her handbag like a crazy old banshee but apart from that i thought it went well,
my neighbours got to see a different side of me, a sober side rather than the usual me clinging to the banister up the stairs in a drunken mess with sick stuck to my hair (i am shameful to admit) or the time when i thought i was a great idea to slide down them and fell straight on my arse!

Little known to me that Doris had told everyone that we were ‘life partners’ not that i have a problem with gay couple’s one of my best friends is gay and i have an uncle who also is gay and is travelling around las vegas as we speak in a show, but these people are from a different generation to ours and now i get weird looks from them all and their pity as ‘my girlfriend’ was hitting on old married men! I tried to help one of the other old ladies in my block up the stairs and she started to scream at me when i touched her! Doris really is at war with my now i think.....

So my weekend of weird looks and whispers on the stairs from all my neighbours ended for the day when i left for work on Monday morning, nursing my hangover and pretending that i cannot feel all the little men in my head with sledge hammers banging continuosly into my temple i set off and with the whispers of my secret lesbian love affair far behind me as i walked to the car.

Monday’s are always so alwful the realisation that you have got whole week to go before the weekend and i always imagine myself sitting at my desk on a Monday looking all grim and grey like something from an old black and white horror movie.

Arriving at work late as always and as the lift opens i see the familiar but not welcomed face of Rochelle.....


  1. Are you going to keep us waiting?! What happened with Rochelle???

  2. So you're not really a lesbian? Maybe a bit of dyke action would make you more attractive to men.