Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watching From The Copier......

I have literally been keeping my head down and watching my back this week- my attempt has been successful so far, she really is playing a strange game.
She is still keeping up with the lets play pretend game and the other day I actually started to question my sanity!
Actually question myself!
What is the world coming to?
What is my mind coming to?

I started to think that maybe it wasn't the same Rochelle with terrible long UN styled hair or her awful man like body or even her atrocious dress sense, so i started to watch her from the photocopier last week whilst she was getting a drink of water, o.k i have been doing this quite a few times over the last week and now it looks like i fancy her or something, but it is definitely her, there is no mistaking unless she has an identical twin sister.

We have shared a few awkward glances but no conversations. I spoke to my German boss lady last week again about the situation but she just laughs and now she wants me to tell her a new funny story every lunch time! Apparently they really brighten up her day!

I have tried to approach her with caution but it always feels like some thing from a film, as i walk towards her with all the courage i had given myself whilst having a ciggies 5 Min's before Tim from accountants then emerges from nowhere with a pile of papers in his arms and barges past me and stands in between us – it is like every time i go to talk to her something or someone is literally standing in my way.

I know i should be quite worried at the arrival of Rochelle she is like my demon shadow that i can never escape always there right behind, but there is something child like in her eyes almost naive or pathetic, she is such an odd character but i know it is all a front, i know there is a more sinister side to this one! Somehow not one person in my whole office believes anything that i say now or takes me seriously, its like without saying a word she has twisted this whole situation round and i am the odd one not her!

God Damn that girl is smart! i don't know how she does it but I'm gona crack her before she cracks into my house! (not literally, i don't want to spend the rest of my days locked behind bars but my new mission not the cutting down on drinking or giving up cigs becausethat one really didn't get very far but the new one that will work is find out what she is up too before she destroys another chapter of my life!!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My week has been so hectic!!!! I just seemed to be permenantly gravitating towards work! I don’t know what has been going on, i feel like i have forgotten my real self and my work hating ways!

So this week, let me up date you –I came into work to find Rochelle there, Sitting actually at my desk, Rochelle is no friend nor enemy she literally is my stalker.....

You may think i am joking but i will now explain how i have come to this conclusion and you can let me know if i am thinking logically and she really is a stalker or if it is all in my mind and that misspent youth of expereimenting with drugs has come back to haunt me.

I met Rochelle over a year ago in a different job, 2 jobs ago in fact, she was just a little part timer and although very manly looking she was a young girl so sweet and niave – how wrong was i! It started with the same colour nail varnish then progressed to wearing the same clothes, then styling her hair like mine, then dying it to be the same shade. At this point alarm bells were ringing but i just thried to put it down to flattery.

Then she begun to call me all the time (i never gave her my number) and then she would drop by my house ( i never told her where i lived), After months of this mind crazy games she was playing with me i moved flats, changed my number and got a new job to escape her, all was well then she turned up at my last job only that time she pretended like she had never met me?? What the hell is wrong with this girl??

After a month or so she somehow became friends with my then boyfriend and attempted to steal him from me, the fact that she was only a tender age of 18 was entertaining and as said she is very masculine and around 6 foot with terrible uncut long hair kinda like a 6 year olds who refuses to get their hair cut for years and sucks on the ends. Her attempt was not very successful and i did comtemplate calling someone from a Springfield Hospital as i had found her in my bed, in my clothes waiting for him.... We did laugh after the intial shock which lasted a few weeks still unsure how she got into the flat?

So as you see this girl seems to appear everywhere and now she is sitting at my desk –stupid German Boss has assigned me to show her the ropes! I did try to explain the situation but all she did was laugh and say what an amusing story that was , it seems that no one takes me seriously. If i do not write for a while then you all know that she has taken over my life and i have been shipped off to Russia or somewhere as her as she frolicks around pretending to be me...