Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My week has been so hectic!!!! I just seemed to be permenantly gravitating towards work! I don’t know what has been going on, i feel like i have forgotten my real self and my work hating ways!

So this week, let me up date you –I came into work to find Rochelle there, Sitting actually at my desk, Rochelle is no friend nor enemy she literally is my stalker.....

You may think i am joking but i will now explain how i have come to this conclusion and you can let me know if i am thinking logically and she really is a stalker or if it is all in my mind and that misspent youth of expereimenting with drugs has come back to haunt me.

I met Rochelle over a year ago in a different job, 2 jobs ago in fact, she was just a little part timer and although very manly looking she was a young girl so sweet and niave – how wrong was i! It started with the same colour nail varnish then progressed to wearing the same clothes, then styling her hair like mine, then dying it to be the same shade. At this point alarm bells were ringing but i just thried to put it down to flattery.

Then she begun to call me all the time (i never gave her my number) and then she would drop by my house ( i never told her where i lived), After months of this mind crazy games she was playing with me i moved flats, changed my number and got a new job to escape her, all was well then she turned up at my last job only that time she pretended like she had never met me?? What the hell is wrong with this girl??

After a month or so she somehow became friends with my then boyfriend and attempted to steal him from me, the fact that she was only a tender age of 18 was entertaining and as said she is very masculine and around 6 foot with terrible uncut long hair kinda like a 6 year olds who refuses to get their hair cut for years and sucks on the ends. Her attempt was not very successful and i did comtemplate calling someone from a Springfield Hospital as i had found her in my bed, in my clothes waiting for him.... We did laugh after the intial shock which lasted a few weeks still unsure how she got into the flat?

So as you see this girl seems to appear everywhere and now she is sitting at my desk –stupid German Boss has assigned me to show her the ropes! I did try to explain the situation but all she did was laugh and say what an amusing story that was , it seems that no one takes me seriously. If i do not write for a while then you all know that she has taken over my life and i have been shipped off to Russia or somewhere as her as she frolicks around pretending to be me...


  1. I'm sure we'll recognize her by her inability to write anything entertaining. Speaking of stalkers, I know I always comment on your blog the moment you post, but I'm honestly not a stalker. I'm just on the computer all the time. Thanks for the read and good luck! That is one of the creepiest stalking stories I've ever heard. Have you considered stalking her? Just to turn the tables, you know...

  2. LOL its funny an flattering, but scary. she got into your flat and was in your clothes?? I would have called the cops and gotten a restraining order lol!

  3. Kill her with kindness so no one can say anything bad about you- work gossip is ridiculous. Then, if she shows up at your house uninvited, call the cops

  4. Thank for all your words of support!!!! i will have to think of a plan....

  5. Holy mother of all that is pure and true. This is totally single white female. The hell.

  6. I thought the same thing as the Dramatic One. Single White Female! Of course she wants to be you and have your life, because your super cool.
    But still there are limits. Have a talk with your human resources person at work. Tell them that you are concerned if not down right scared. See what they advise. I might then try to get her alone at work. (public place) Then tell her nicely that she has crossed a lot of boundaries with you, and you are not comfortable. Say that maybe you are just too privet a person, but that is how you feel. Then of course be nice at work, but not too nice.
    If she makes any other advances, tell work and the police.
    Be safe.

  7. Restraining order please! LOL.
    She might need help.

  8. Gosh, that's intimidating. If it has already come to the point that you've quit a job because of her, surely you didn't hold back on calling the police when she intruded you house? Anyway, since your partner has witnessed this too, it's not too late to report that crime and the backstory.

    Must be very weird to be in this situation, though, having her as a colleague again and acting 'normal' to her on the job.

    Good luck!

  9. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! I had to get a restraining order on a guy last year as he started showing up at my work and house and threatening to kill me. This girl is out of her mind and you definitely should slap her with a restraining order!
    Great blog, btw!x