Wednesday, May 6, 2009

As it has been so long, I feel that i should explain my whereabouts to you all....
A few weeks ago i was enjoying a rather rain free day and enjoying the sun, lazing around in the sun having a few drinks in the pub garden when a rather delicious man caught my eye!
There i was all sweaty with the stench of Alcohol pouring out of my pores - feeeling something on my foot which i now know was a bee, i bent down to investigate and as i did i had my eye poked out by a mans man bag!! the cheek of it!!
Though lucky for me in return i got a drink well i got 5 and and few shots thrown in, in retrun for me bright red contact-less bloodshot eye!
So you the see the past few weeks i have been busy with the man bag man, luckily for me my luch of friend has given me her approval and even Doris commented on the sexy musicaular man carrying my shopping for me up the stairs - i think i will have to watch her - she has been doing her strange twitchy eye everytime she see's him and she really has been spying!
I caught her watching us through her favourite spot MY LETTERBOX amongst other places behind trees and so on, im sure she has hatched some kind of evil plan, she has been being to nice to me and when she is nice she is very very nice but i know she is really pretty evil indisguise.....


  1. When I read your post I felt a little better for having been gone for 5 weeks myself! Don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of your blog life. Which is which depends on the day. Hey, have you thought of having your stalker, stalked? Lets turn the tide of this chippy and see what she's hiding!

  2. LOL well.... at least something good came out of it!!!! good for you :)
    and welcome back!!!

  3. Woo for MBM!! Hope your eyes better!! X

  4. How fun to meet someone you get a long with!! I ge the creeps picturing some eyes staring at me through a mailbox...